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    Lee Clark David C.
  • M. R.: "Hey Doc Elist . I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my enhancement surgery. It is been over year going on two now Since I had it done This time as going on I testicles are hanging lower and looking really good.. It's funny to say this but I get a lot of compliments and comments in the locker room i look really good in Bluejeans now .. .. And I do occasionally catch people checking out my crotch .. and my Confidence is really good . now . Thank you Again ! If you ever need me to talk to a patients are someone thinking about surgery please give them my number "   Sent by Email.
  • by Lee Clark on Jun 25th, 2014

    I had testicular atrophy from two decades of testosterone therapy and had also had a penile prosthesis placed. The only visable thing in my scrotum was the pump for the inflatable prosthesis. I had looked for several years for a way to have testicles which looked normal again. While searching on the internet one day I saw Dr. Elist's information and contacted his office by email. I received a call back. I was very happy to learn that what I wanted was possible and easily done. I scheduled the surgery and am very happy with the results. The procedure cost less than I anticipated.

  • by David C. on Jun 26th, 2014

    Had small testicles because they remainded undescended way past puberty, had the implant surgery 3 days ago, which was nearly painless and very affordable. The swelling has subsided alot in just 3 days and at 60 years old this has been a source of self conciousness my whole life. I enjoyed my trip to California and at least so far, I'm really glad I did this for myself.


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  • Testicle Enlargement Before and After Photo
  • Testicle Enlargement Before and After Photo
  • Testicle Enlargement Before and After Photo

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